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L'amore dei tre re

Premiere: 28/10/2023
Teatro alla Scala, Milano
Compositor: Italo Montemezzi
Libreto: Sem Benelli
Stage Director: Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)
Set Designer: Alfons Flores
Costume Designer: Lluc Castells
Lighting Director: Marco Filibeck
With the collaboration of: 
Valentina Carrasco


L'amore dei Tre Re (1913), the great success of the Italian composer Italo Montemezzi from the libretto of the Decadentist playwright Sem Benelli, proposes a triangular love story located in the Middle Ages in which the music explores the emotional currents of drama.

The main character, Fiora, is the innocent victim of a brutal society - dominated by men - that degrades her to the condition of mere object and deprives her of her dignity as a human being.

Despite the powerful emotional game that flowing through the music, the work is of an essential and disturbing schematism that picks up an atmosphere of jealousy, suspicion, intrigue, domination, revenge, hate ...

This world, at once empty and oppressing, has become a space that, at the beginning, appears as a platform supported by an infinity of chains that rises until it is lost on the loom and then evolves by becoming a labyrinth of stairs.

In the center is the bed in which Fiora is owned, dominated, and punished.

The characters wander this space that is, at the same time, rigid as iron and permeable as fog or a dream.

The mobility of the chains suggests all kinds of different spaces and evokes, at the same time, a feeling of claustrophobic oppression.